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believe in yourself and create your own destiny...

don't fear failure.

17 January 1988
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♠ Hi, I'm Lecia and this is my journal. I can be a quiet, shy, friendly person with a good sense of humor who will laugh just at about everything funny, forgetful about things at times and, often say things without thinking first making me look like a complete baka at times. A very opened minded person who doesn't think that someone should let anything/anyone get in their way of happiest because of love, gender, sociality and etc.,
A struggling college student who's getting by on her own pretty well ^__^
The fandoms that I’m in are J-pop and some K-pop

♣ This journal will just have my daily (hopefully if I have the time) rants about my life or what I feel like I need to get off my chest. My fanfiction can be found here @tokyostarr.

♠ Traveling is one of my main passions, so when I finish school I hope that I can visit the most exotic places on earth while I'm still young. The one country I’m going to visit first is Japan ♥ and then I’m going take it from there.