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Well it's that time again...

It's Januray 1, 2010 today and now it's time to make these New Year resolutions even though I rarely finish them :/ So this year for the new decade, I'm going to try and at least finish two or three of my resolutions.

*Losing some weight, trimming down and toning up my body.

-I say that I'm always going to start losing weight and start working out but some how I just stop half way through and just end up being lazy again. This time I'm going to set a goal on how much I'm going lose by the end of each month. Hopefully I can accomplish this goal.

*Finding my self a boyfriend.

-It's fun being single but I would like to start getting into a serious relationship this year.

*Finding a good job.

-I need the money. Poor college student ;^;

*Getting a car.

-Bus fare is starting to get very high.

*Start learning Japanese and Portugese.

-I started learning Japanese(I can count up to 100, months and days of the week)last year but I really want to conutine it now(hopes of visiting Tokyo one day) and my little sister is starting to learn Portugese now, so I might as well start learning that language too.(I need to buy Rosette Stone but it cost a lot of $$$$$$).

*Having fun and enjoying life.

-Life is short so I going to start living it to the fullest like every day counts.

That's my New Years Resolutions for 2010 and keep the faith(lol) that I'm going to finish them, for real this time. Now I'm off to get some advil for my hangover and going to lay back down.

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Peace bbs.
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I hope everyone is having a great New Years celebration right now(or if you're on the other side or the world I hope your New Years was fun^^) and are being safe too. Right now I just got in from ice skating with my family and friends; it was fun and enjoyable. At midinight we watched the fireworks show at fountain square when the clock hit 12:00am.  Tomorrow I'm going post more because right I can't think straight, I'm on my second Bull Breeze(Red Bull, Vodka and Cranberry juice) and almost fell coming up the stair(no I'm not drunk...yet) lol.

So Happy New Year bbs!    
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Back online again.

Finally got my internet service back on again........YAY!!

Just in time too because it's winter break now(actually it started a week ago) and I can just chill inside at home and not have to go anywhere. School was very stressful but hopeful I passed all of my finals :D Christmas is just acouple of weeks away. This year I don't think I want anything tbh(well some new headphones and shoes sounds nice...), maybe not to get sick and caught the H1N1 :( Alot of people are catching that this year(Kpop) so hopefully I can stay healthy for the rest of 2009.

I very need a new layout because I'm getting sick and tired of this one....
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Tattoos and Piercings

Okay since I read today's juicy Johnny's gossip aboutTanaka Koki and his wonderful tattoos. The boy has a lot of tattoos and piercings(tongue and lip, maybe more O_@) from the pictures that I have seen. I think Johnny's aren't allowed to have tattos, this could explain why Subaru always covers his right hand up and to why Koki have some where he can easily hide them. The ass tattoos will forever be lol to me XD. I just keep imagining him walking around naked and the faces jiggle abit while he moves HAHAHA. And lip one seems like it can fade away after awhile but I still it's cool.

This news brings me back about two weeks ago when I went with my cousin so she can go and get her nipples(BOTH) pierced and maybe her vajay-jay too, but I talked her out of that one thankfully. It's just that when she gets a tattoo or a piercing she seems not to take the pain very well. My hand still hurts from when she crushed it while getting a tattoo on her neck D: I wasn't there when she got a tattoo on her ass cheek but my other cousin told me that it was hilarious because she was almost about to cry while getting it done. But I guess tattoos are very addicting to people and some just keep getting more and more. I have a friend who's boyfriend is becoming a new tattoo artist so she basically let's him practice on her. -_-

That's not that needles scare me or the pain(I can take some pain),but I have heard that the painful places to get tattoos are areas with a lot of fat. I'm just very pickly about what I want on my body when it comes to tattoos.The only thing I have is a tongue piercing which I got with my friends when I was a senior in high school as a birthday gift for myself. I really want more piercings but I can't seem to make up my mind to what I want haha. When I see others with tattoos I just have to stared(can't help it) and even ask if it hurt or not. I'm werid like that. ^^
I really love tattoos and I think they can be beautiful pieces of artwork on people if done correctly and professional. Can't really say much about bad tattoos, I seen my share of those on people. =_=

Well I'm done ranting on about this subject, now I need to go get something to eat. sorry to my f-list for ranting
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Yes, I'm alive and kicking! Hahaha.

Wow it's been awhile since I last wrote a journal entry or posted anything to be honest. So I decide to take a small hiatus from things and started to get my act together. I was getting tired of hearing my mommy bitch to me about what I'm going to do about my life(love my mommy dearly) so I decide to stop being lazy and do something. For the past months I been looking for a new job, a car(which I very need, sick of riding on the bus) and trying to get my shit together. Now that school is to be starting back in a few weeks, I really won't have any time to myself and this summer just when by so fast too ;^; Let's just hope that fall/winter comes and goes just as fast.

I tried watching the 24 Hours tv with News hosting this year but ended up falling sleep, so now I have to go on youtube and see if someone upload it(hopefully with subs). I haven't been in the fandom for awhile either, had to take a rest from it since things where getting alittle too crazy.
I finally made a writing community for my fics, so this journal won't be a mess and just have it for ranting about things. The community is called tokyostarr and hopefully I can get back to writing stories again since I haven't wrote anything since June/July. I would like to apologize to these people who are waiting for the last chapter of Quitting The Habit, I going to try and finish that story asap.

Now it's time for me to take my butt to bed and get some rest. Good Night. ^^
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3 Shige kissing gifs+ 1 Yamapi gif

This is my first time making animated gifs(Yay!) so be nice XD. The are gifs are Shige's Seminar stage kiss which I think was pretty hot. They may not be good but I'm still learning. To tell the truth, I thought the kiss was going to be like all the other j-dramas kisses that I have seen before but this surprised the hell out of me. Shige....wow you go boy!! *claps* Anyway I made three gifs of the kiss. Hope you enjoy them^^
btw: is it me or did she seem a little stiff during the kissing? I don't think that I would be stiff if I'm being kissed like that, especially with these lips hehe...

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I don't know if I should post this fic or what...

Ok so after watching the new movie "Obessed" and  writing a new chapter for Quitting the Habit(so sorry), I got a new story inside my head that really stared to write it self. I started on a draft chapter but didn't finish it. I made Kame is a girl in this because I tried to write him as a male(yes I know Kame is A BOY) but I didn't really get a good feeling in it. I also made Ueda a boy too and maybe two other Johnny's. The story is about Kame getting a new job working for a big company in Tokyo becoming a assistant secretary. Kame's new boss is Jin who becomes obessed with her and anything, and Kame has a boyfriend in this story too. OC because I really didn't know to make Kame's boyfriend and I don't want to hurt other Johnny's(Koki mainly). Kame tries to stay away from Jin and only wants to have a boss and worker relationship but Jin wants more and all hell breaks loose. Here's part one it's already done but I'm going back to change and add more stuff.

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My laptop just totally crashed on me. Nooooooooooooooooo... ;^; and all my fics that I been working on are gone! Why?! I don't if I should cry or go back to sleep. Now I have to recovery my laptop back to it's factory state(meaning back to way it was when I first got it) to make work again. I have my music, pictures, downlands and etc on the family computer but my fics......TT^TT 

Good thing I wrote them down in a notebook so I have to do is type it out again but I'm just to lazy to do that =_=;
*goes back to sleep*

At least I have Carlton cheer me up ^_^

<3 this shit!
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Shige Picspam

So I decided to do a Shige picspam beccause  a) I'm bored and b)I always wanted to. I got all the pictures that I have on my laptop and other places also. You have to admit that Shige is coming up on the hot scale and he is right up there with Yamapi, Ryo, Jin and Matsujun(for me he is). There are many things that I found sexy about this man. His very husky voice that I can listen to all day long even though I can't really understand Japanese. He is very intelligent and cultural which is a turn on for me, I like my men smart. Very handsome but Shige can be hot too. I'm sure everyone else has their own reasons to why they like Shige and please do tell why. Don't mind my lame comments either, I fail at being funny.Collapse )
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Yamashita Tomohisa hair drama.

Seeing all the hilarious comments about our Golden Boy Yamashia Tomohisa's hair lately, I just had to make this picture spam(took me all night to do this, so bare with me ppl). Now everyone including myself has a bad hair day once in awhile but Johnny's seem to have it the worse. Yamapi isn't having a bad hair day,he's having a bad hair YEAR!! This post will show all the lovely hair DO'S and DON'TS of Yamapi, starting very back into his cute juniors days to the now sexy twenty-four year old that we all love and one day hopefully get to rape meet. XD
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